SEO Austin Meetup

by Adam Alter on November 6, 2008

Just had another meetup yesterday in downtown Austin @ the Spaghetti Warehouse. For those of you that don’t know, every month my wife and I put on a meetup which many local business owners attend to network, learn and discuss avenues of marketing on the internet. It’s on the first Wednesday of every month and each session covers a specific topic which yesterday’s being email marketing and the speaker was Jason Boehle.

Our first meetup was in May and every month the group grows. We’re outgrowing venues very quickly and have to put a cap on it. We’ve had sponsors approach us which we’ve considered for reasons of getting a larger location, but we’re holding off because the fun and free atmosphere is very important for us to maintain. The initial meetups Laura and I covered all the speaking, but lately others have been stepping up and covering their topics of expertise which has been a great help with our busy schedule. The meetup profile can be found at: SEO Austin

Unfortunately, I didn’t even make it. I left the office at 5:30 to be there by 6:00 and there must have been a wreck on Mopac because traffic wasn’t moving at all. I turned around and went home after hardly moving for over 30 minutes and let Laura know she was doing this one solo!

Sorry everyone!

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