SEO and SEM Industry CRAP (no hate, hating is unhealthy!)

by Adam Alter on November 18, 2008

Lame things in my industry you just gotta wonder about…

#1 GURUs. Are you selling information? 50% cut and pasted, the other 50% made up and titled “SECRETS REVEALED” for $39.99 marked down from $1,000,000 for the next 1,000 buyers only! Everyone is a guru it seems, I got my website to rank #1 in Google for “b2b online marketing specialists in austin texas by the river next to the big road”. Give me a break, rank #1 for something that actually gets search volume and hold the position for a year+ and we’ll talk. REAL SEO experts have dozens of 500,000+ per month search phrase #1 positions under their belt as well as many thousands of long tail phrases. They’re not bragging about it because:
A- They’re smart enough to realize staying under the radar as best as possible helps shoo off any penalties Google has to put in place to cut back on the spammers who reverse engineered your work and are exploiting it.
B-They’re not trying to make up for where else they may lack in their panties

#2 Yahoo Answer spammers. I go to Yahoo Answers to give helpful replies with info and drop a link where appropriate. Whenever I go to an insurance related question, it’s full of replies saying crap like “Great question, I’d suggest reading the info using this link:” Basically full of losers trying to pimp their crappy website that will likely be a dropped and parked domain within months while providing no value to the question. They have and will continue to ruin it for those others representing a company trying to give good advice.

Yesterday I saw a question from a lady saying she was bleeding from the crotch and wondered if she should get immediate help or if it was something that could be normal while being pregnant. Now, I’m not commenting on the question or the person asking it, however, the first answer was “Interesting indeed, for more information, follow this link: ” and the link was to a *how to make tons of money fast* blog.

I understand they’re trying to make a fast buck off suckers, but why not focus the effort on creating a legitimate website and company to morally promote without spam techniques? Are they too scared they won’t cut it in the real world of an honest living?

#3 Reciprocal directories and bidding directories. A directory can be classified in 2 categories in the eyes of Google (IMO) 1) a legitimate attempt to provide valuable resources for people in attempts to get them to use the directory for their needs. 2) a link farm and/or attempt at striking a bit of cash for the least amount of work required (free directory script, default graphics). So, how can a directory be a good resource if they require a reciprocal link? Do you think Dell, Sony, Amazon, Zappos, Ford and the many thousands of other quality sites are going to give them a link back to be in their directory? How is it a good directory full of resources if it doesn’t include those major websites?

Then bidding directories, the top bidder gets top position on the home page which usually means a PR4-PR6 homepage link to their site. Guess what the results are! Yes, a bunch of online casinos on every bidding directory homepage that has decent PR. Is that a quality resource? Please try and convince me how it is of use to the public. Most quality sites wouldn’t want to be caught within miles of a bidding directory loaded with casinos which nearly all are.

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