Adam Alter (Who?)

No pimping, bragging, or victim roles highlighted here… just me and what I’ve done in regards to whatever (mostly work):

-Born October 29th, 1974 in Indiana.

-Started working out in the fields picking up rocks, bailing hay, walking beans at around age 11.

-Began paying into Social Security at 13 and every year since according to the Social Security report.

-Early teens worked as a dishwasher and then as a cook @ Denny’s in the evenings after school.

-Late teens worked construction on weekdays while mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms at local truck stop on the weekends.

-Right after highschool worked for a seed corn bagging company while recovering from senior year football knee blowout and construction accident crushing foot which required a plate and 5 screws.  Once recovered and passed physical, joined the Marines for 6 years.

-In the Marines, worked in an I-Level lab on cockpit electronics such as infrared sensors, and HUDs.  3 years while in the Marines installed car stereos professionally after hours and free weekends.

-After the Marines, worked in Telecom for 3 years under 3 different companies starting as a tech and moving up to an engineer.

-Telecom bombed in 2001, started first e-commerce company which from 2002-2006 did $25 million in revenue and in 2006 the company was sold off.

-Also started a social network/forum based around laptops in 2002 which now has over 160,000 self-registered members.

-Started a PC gaming website to play with on the side which sold off 2 years later (2005-2007).

-2006 began doing consulting type work for various companies.  Managed PPC, SEO, social presence, landing pages and funnels, and analytics.  Industries including insurance, prescription assistance, real estate, legal services (law firm), construction and maintenance, and more.

-May 2008 co-started (with wife) a meetup for local business owners to give free advice and classes on many SEM and e-commerce related areas.  Meet once a month and easily fill our venues.

-Sept 2008 began work with an internet insurance lead generation and sales company (All Web Leads) in a startup phase while still very profitable.

-Aug 2010 moved jobs to downtown Austin working with a marketing and software company Get Page One, LLC.  As the VP of Search Marketing I managed teams in-house as well as outsourced for SEO, SEM, and Social Media results also managing strategy, client relationships, and even sales.  Some of our clients included Domino’s Pizza, Jason’s Deli, Allens Boots, Lanier Law Firm, CORT Furniture, and many more.

-Dec 2010 began working with T3 Media as the VP of Marketing.

What do I do outside of work?  I’m married with 4 kids, I do whatever they tell me to do 😉